Slope Stability Analysis

RAMBO: A powerful point cloud processing, modeling, and analysis tool for terrain modeling, change analysis, morphological analysis, and slope stability assessment.

Road Marking Extraction

RoME: An end-to-end workflow for road marking extraction, classification, mapping and condition assessment.

Ground Filtering

Vo-SmoG: a fast and versatile ground filtering framework that can classify ground points and generate terrain models.

Feature extraction from point clouds

EZFeat: a collection of tools for transportation asset feature extraction from point clouds

Point Cloud Segmentation

Vo-norvana: multi-scale point cloud segmentation that groups point cloud into clusters.

An Introduction to EZDataMD, LLC

EZDataMD LLC delivers state-of-the-art technical solutions in various areas including, but not limited to, point cloud editing, point cloud segmentationroad feature extractionrock-slope hazard classificationScan-to-BIMurban object classification, etc. We also provide a comprehensive suite of services to industries, organizations, and government agencies comprising custom software development, application testing, surveying, and technology consulting to enable efficient and effective geospatial data processing.

The team at EZDataMD is equipped with specialized and highly developed skill sets developed over decades of experience not only in geomatics technology but also in a range of sectors, including computer vision, robotics, and deep learning. This diverse experience makes us uniquely positioned to offer solutions promising greater cost savings, productivity gains, and operational efficiency for our clients.


EZDataMD was established in 2020 to provide technology solutions for simplifying the processing of geospatial data. EZDataMD LLC was founded with the vision to enable efficient geospatial data processing, providing its customers and business partners with robust, extensible, and customizable solutions for editing, segmentation, classification, modeling, and analysis with point cloud data.


  • Our vision is to be the most reliable point cloud processing solution provider and enhance the efficiency and productivity of point cloud processing.
  • Increase the current understanding of how to improve the utilization of geospatial data, such as point clouds, collected from terrestrial, mobile, airborne, and UAS acquisition systems to solve surveying, engineering, and scientific questions.
  • Develop and distribute algorithms and software to segment, classify, model, and extract information from dense point clouds in a computationally efficient and user-friendly way.
  • Provide solutions to translate dense point cloud data into information that can result in improved decision-making by professionals and organizations.
  • Serve as a sustained mechanism for employees to achieve personal and professional growth and achievement in the short and long term.
  • Promote an enjoyable, inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment that welcomes a plurality of ideas, cultures, beliefs, and ways of being.


Our company intentionally seeks out individuals who demonstrate the following values through their professional activities:

    • Zeal for our collective work
    • Strong work ethic
    • Promote teamwork and collaboration
    • Treat fellow employees like friends and family