EZDataMD Services

EZDataMD provides a wide range of services related to point cloud data processing. These include: 

  • Licensing of software products initially developed by the geomatics research that have been further developed by EZDataMD as well as new products by EZDataMD
  • Consulting services for point cloud processing
  • Custom algorithm, software, and workflow development for efficient and effective point cloud processing

Contact us for custom development or consulting services. 

Example Projects

Leveraging Pocket Lidar for Construction Inspection and Digital As-Builts

  • Funding: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Partners: MPN Components, 5C Strategy, Hood River Group

This applied research effort commissioned by the FHWA evaluated whether a small, handheld, consumer grade lidar system (called pocket lidar) can be an efficient and effective tool for routine use in construction project monitoring, delivery, acceptance, oversight, inspection, e-construction, supporting Building Information Modeling (BIM) initiatives, and creating digital as-builts for highway construction projects. Given the high return ROI already being produced by routine utilization of consumer tablets in these activities as well as the low barrier to entry, the integration of a lidar sensor has the potential to increase efficiencies, enhance the information collected, and increase ROI.

Adaboost: Machine Learning API & Executable

In this project, we developed custom machine learning tools based on our AdaBoost algorithm for NV5 Geospatial, Inc. to integrate into their workflows. Our programs (standalone executables and APIs) are able to incorporate multiple classifiers to achieve high-quality binary classification during the model training stage.