EZDataMD Products

EZDataMD has a wide portfolio of software solutions for efficient point cloud processing. Below read more about our core products available to license. Contact us to schedule a demo, obtain a quote for a licensed version of the software, or for custom development.  We do provide bundling and educational discounts with our software.

Software Tool for Terrain Modeling, Change Analysis, and Slope Stability Analysis

Software Tool for Ground Filtering and Terrain Modeling

Efficient Point Cloud Segmentation

Software Tool for Road Marking Extraction, Classification, and Evaluation

Point Cloud Data Management and Processing Toolkit

Point Cloud Processing and Filtering Toolkit 

Collection of Tools for Transportation Feature Extraction 

A Light-weight Program for Rigorous Point Cloud Registration

Prototype for Scan-to-BIM

Prototype for Powerline Extraction


A powerful software tool for terrain modeling, change analysis, morphological analysis, and slope stability assessment with point cloud data.

Vo-SmoG (Award-winning)

Ground filtering that separates ground and non-ground points and generates terrain models. You can find more information from the Vo-SmoG paper. The paper won the Martin Isenburg Best Paper Award in 3D GeoInfo 2021.


Vo-norvana (Award-winning)

Multi-scale point cloud segmentation software that groups 3D point cloud into clusters. The presentation about this work was well received and won the Outstanding University Achievement in Lidar Award at Geo Week 2022

Publication is available in ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.



An end-to-end workflow for road marking extraction, classification, mapping and condition assessment.

Lidar for Maintenance of Pavement Reflective Markings and Retroreflective Signs

RoME CLassification
RoME Lidar Image
RoME Lidar Data


Point cloud data management toolkit including:

  • EZE57 tools that handle E57 files
    • Apply scan and image transformations
    • Convert to LAS/LAZ formats
    • Extract scan and image data and information
    • Package point clouds and images to E57 format
    • and a lot more.
  • EZLAS tools that manage LAS/LAZ files
    • Display LAS/LAZ information
    • Manage LAS/LAZ files such as converting formats and versions, merging, and dividing data into chunks.
    • Manage LAS/LAZ attributes such as scaling, shifting, splitting, and filtering, and so on.
  • EZProj tools that manage the coordinate systems and map projections for LAS/LAZ files.
    • Edit the cooridnates of the point cloud such as translation, rotation, scaling, swapping axis, converting units, updating headers, and so on.
    • Manage the cooridnate system information such as assign projection information, convert between coordinate systems, convert vertical references, and more.


Basic point cloud processing toolkit including:

  • Bin-n-Grid Rasterization
  • 3D Data Tiling
  • Down-sampling
  • Mesh-to-Grid
  • Noise Filtering
  • Proximity Filtering
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Distance
  • 3D Polyline Cropping


A collection of tools powered by EZVox for transportation asset feature extraction including curb detection, curb ramp localization, road detection, marking detection, and more.


PointReg is a one of a kind, powerful software to perform global registration and georeferencing of point cloud data through a rigorous least squares adjustment. It was primarily developed for terrestrial laser scans but can incorporate other forms of point cloud data.  PointReg has the following features: 

  • Performs a fine tuning of the registration of laser scans based on the results from an initial coarse registration.
  • Performs efficient batch processing of refined cloud to cloud matches for large quantities of scans. Automatically determines overlapping scans for matching. (Requires an initial alignment to be completed first in other software). 
  • Can be used to perform strip adjustments of UAS or airborne lidar flight segments. 
  • Performs rigorous, global least squares adjustments using cloud to cloud pairwise matches, targets, total station measurements, and GNSS coordinates obtained for control points.
  • Provides registration results in a transparent manner for simplified error checking. 
  • Reports registration quality statistics for each scan. Performs a comprehensive statistical analysis of registration errors between overlapping scans.
  • Reports detailed least squares adjustment results for each measurement observation and flags observations with higher than expected errors. 
  • Contains tools to identify potentially misnamed targets. 
  • Corrects GNSS coordinates co-acquired at each scan position for out of level setups.
  • Contains tools to estimate the scan origin coordinates and azimuth of a scan based on an initial cloud to cloud registration in a local coordinate system. 
  • Includes tools to facilitate import/export of georeferencing information from several leading point cloud processing softwares including Maptek PointStudio, Leica Cyclone, and Riegl Riscan Pro.
  • Handles large collections of scans with ease and implements parallel processing for efficiency. 
  • Applies georeferencing transformation to LAS/LAZ files in batch mode. 

NOTES: PointReg focuses on the fine tuning of the registration, and as such, requires an initial, coarse registration of scan data to be completed. PointReg will apply leveling based on sensor readings but it will not adjust the leveling of the scan.



A program to convert indoor scanning data to a BIM model leveraging point cloud segmentation.

Find more information about the Deep Reality project.

Scan to BIM

Powerline Extraction

An efficient and robust program for automated powerline extraction from point cloud data. It is applicable to both mobile and terrestrial lidar data without requiring any supplemental information.

Powerline Extraction